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      Youyi Boiler & Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is situated in Wuxi City that is a named playland and industrial city in China.

      Founded in 1980's, Youyi is a professional producer and designer of Grade I, II pressure vessels, 0.5 to 75t industrial boilers, boilers units, pharmaceutical equipment, chemical equipment, stainless reactors, condensers, heat exchangers, air reservoirs, storage tanks, as well as non-standard metal structures and cold-worked metal parts.

       All technical parameters of Youyi's pressure vessels are consistent with national standards of P. R. China.

      Our mission is to produce the highest quality and good performing products at competitive pricing and to provide fast delivery and superior after-sales services to customers. Call us today!

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Address: 12 Xinan Road, Nanquan Town, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu       Tel: 0510-85953027
Cell Phone:18751563208    Fax: 0510-85953027   Postal Code: 214128